Power Up Nutrition

Woodford Green

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What is out aim at Power UP Nutrition?

Our genuine aim and happiness is when we get to provide you with the most up to date supplements in the Market. Not only that, our whole ethics is to give you supplements that WORK!

This industry is riddled with under dosed products that are nothing but ‘pixie dust’ and our job is to test these products, do our due diligence and make sure that it is what it says on the tin.

That is why we have a physical store, rather than go online, we aim never to sell online because that takes away the passion of the business we are in. The fundamental reason why we want you to come in to the store is so we can analyse your needs and guide you to the product which is most suited for you.

Its nice and well watching a video on YouTube and seeing posts on social media about how amazing this new supplement is (which it might be) but it is optimal for your body, do you want to waste your hard earned money in experimenting on yourself?

Well this is where we come in and guide you!

Titanium Gym

As we said before, we love the industry we are in, our passion is out business!


As part of the passion we also own Titanium Gym.

Titanium Gym in South Woodford boasts over 5000 sq ft of training area, featuring both free weights and resistance machines along with high spec cardio machines. We have a vast range of equipment to suit all your needs and to ensure you hit every muscle. Our Dumbbells range from 1kg – 60kg and we offer a complete training experience for beginners to competing professionals


Why not pop down and meet the team and see what we can offer you.