fitness app

What Fitness App is the Best?

When choosing a fitness app, you must first figure out what you are working towards: your fitness & health goals. Here are some questions you should ask yourself: “Am I working out to lose weight or to increase muscle mass?” “Am I training for a marathon or trying to improve endurance?” “Am I training to…

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bodybuilding london

Bodybuilding London: The Blueprint

Bodybuilding London is for those living in the metropolis looking to gain some muscle mass. A lot of people want to have toned, fit bodies. And if you’re reading this, chances are, you do too. Building muscle mass is contingent on a few things namely; genetics, diet, and exercise. We have no control over our…

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Important Takeaways From Ronaldo’s Workout Plan

When it comes to working out, few athletes follow a more rigorous regimen than Cristiano Ronaldo. From diet, to exercise, and some pretty innovative techniques, the football icon’s fitness training regimen offers a lot of insight to even the average person. In this post, we’re going to explore some important takeaways from Cristiano Ronaldo’s training.…

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lunge 2

Leg Workout- Top Lower-body Exercises for Strong Legs

When considering the important functions of our legs, most of us will agree that building the muscles of our lower limbs will certainly carry us far in life- whether you are training for a marathon, a bodybuilding competition or you just want to be able to carry yourself through a flight of stairs with ease.…

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boydbuilding era

The Bodybuilding Era

The bodybuilding era began in the early part of the twentieth century. But the most formidable years of this sport was between the ’50s and ’70s. This was called the golden era during which natural bodies were preferred. Bodybuilders did it the right way; through exercise, diet and perseverance. Nowadays, no one wants to take…

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