Why Open a Supplement Store?


Power UP Nutrition was started by myself (everyone knows me as Fab) in 2016 because Fitness and Bodybuilding is my passion and life. I have been competing in bodybuilding since 2013 and have been using sports supplements since I was 18 years old.

I grew up watching WWE wrestling and my dream one day was to be as big as those guys, have huge arms and massive shoulders. So as the fat kid in school I said to myself ‘one day!!’


As the great saying goes ‘If you can dream it, then you can do it’…sooooo I DID IT!!!

At age 17 I started hitting the local gym, lost weight, started crash dieting, knew NOTHING about supplements and nutrition. When I first started training there was no YouTube gurus, no social media so we had to learn by the age-old technique of trial and error.


I spent all my money on sports supplements, if a BIG guy in the magazine endorsed it then I didn’t care how much it cost I would buy it, I took anything and everything trying to chase that elusive dream of getting BIG & RIPPED!

Years and years of wasting my money without doing any valid research, I decided it was time for me to take a more systematic approach and ask myself the question ‘Why is this product good for me, and what is the scientific research that backs it?’ before I bought any more products.

THENNN came the real results, I hired myself a coach to help me with the diet planning, learned from them how to apply the theory of nutrition & supplements into real life practise. Its nice and well reading a book about how your body works but the author of the book won’t pay your bills when you are working 14 hour days to make your mortgage payments and you STILL make time to hit that chest workout. This is where the CORRECT supplementation comes into play. In an ideal world scenario, we could possibly do without the need for supplements, bearing in mind I make my bread and butter by selling supplements, I am more than happy to admit that. However, in an ideal world we would never have the need to be exhausted, burn more energy than needed, cook the perfect meal, with the perfect calories but we DON’T live in an ideal world hence why we need to rely on sports supplements so heavily.

So back to the question of – WHY DID I OPEN A SUPPLEMENT SHOP?


The fundamental reason why I decided to open a sports supplements shop was purely to educate and make people understand the difference in the fad products and products that actually work!

The fitness industry is a huge growing market and that means everyone wants a piece of the pie. There are so many companies out there selling false hopes and dreams and I find it despicable.

When you come into Power UP Nutrition you will see that the product range is not as extensive as some other shops, the main reason for this is because 95% of the product stocked here are tried and tested by myself.

If I can’t tell you with assurance that this product works then I won’t stock it.

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